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Minor Updates

In Go news, I received my official rating with the AGA.  I am rated at 23kyu. In Final Fantasy XIV news, Yoshi-P gave a presentation at FanFest wearing a Scarlet Witch t-shirt, all but confirming Red Mage to be a job in the next expansion.   Huzzah.


I decided to go up to Rochester, NY to attend the the Empty Sky Go Club‘s 12th Annual Greg Lefler Memorial Tournament.  Being a new player, I didn’t go with any expectation of winning.  I mostly wanted to meet more players, play some games, and get some experience.  Richard, who runs the Syracuse go club told me… Read More »

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It’s Dangerous To Go Alone – 1

I’ve made a resolution to try to play a full live game every night if possible, in addition to my ongoing correspondence games.  I plan to do a small write-up about each game as sort of a mini-review.  You may click on the image of the completed game to be taken to the game on OGS.… Read More »

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Lets Go Clubbing

Last night I had the opportunity to attend a meeting of the Syracuse Go Club.  I was a bit (okay, very) nervous since this would be my first time playing against a stranger in person.  Fortunately, everybody was very friendly and welcoming.  The gentleman I had previously emailed to get more information about the club was… Read More »

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The Biggest Challenge

The one thing I find more difficult than winning Go is mustering up the courage to play other people online.  It’s really silly, but there’s something I find intimidating about these complete strangers.  Even when playing against some of the people I’ve met through reddit, I feel like I’m wasting their time when we play.… Read More »

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Ayukawa no Go

As you may have heard, there is a new mobile phone game taking the world by storm called Pokemon Go.  You can’t go on the internet without seeing somebody talking about it, and you can’t go outside without seeing a group of people wandering like zombies staring at their phones trying to catch these virtual… Read More »

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