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Nostalgia! I found it!

Final Fantasy XIV recently updated, adding a long-awaited area called Eureka. Whether or not this content was worth the wait is under fierce debate however, with many people grumbling that it’s nothing but a monster and FATE grind, with lackluster rewards that aren’t as good as the current armor available by farming Tomestones of Mendacity.… Read More »

Minor Updates

In Go news, I received my official rating with the AGA.  I am rated at 23kyu. In Final Fantasy XIV news, Yoshi-P gave a presentation at FanFest wearing a Scarlet Witch t-shirt, all but confirming Red Mage to be a job in the next expansion.   Huzzah.

A Tale of Two Kitties – Introduction

Final Fantasy is the one video game series that I’ve been a fan off throughout.  When I saw Final Fantasy XI Online, I was curious but reluctant.  While I’d spent a lot of time playing a certain text-based MUD, I had never played an MMORPG before.  I was living in Richmond, VA and had a… Read More »