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20 Years of Tori

Tori Amos has recently announced a new album coming out this fall, Native Invader. I’ve taken this as an opportunity to listen through her discography again and see if anything new jumps out at me that I may not have really cared for before. I’ve been a fan of Tori’s music for about 20 years… Read More »

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone – 2

Match 1 – 19×19 board vs. 24kyu player – won by resignation The first 8 moves of this game were somewhat strange. Black started at seemingly random points around the board, while I responded with the low chinese opening, and approached the one star point he had claimed. We fought and I made a few… Read More »

Go-ing Nowhere Fast: Ladder Anxiety

Go has quickly become my favorite board game, and I’ve spent a lot of time doing puzzles, reading books and articles, and talking about it.  I have my own Go board with three sets of stones and all the accessories to go with it.  Hell, I made my own 9×9 board not too long ago.  It’s… Read More »

More Minor Updates

Hopefully this will be obvious to anybody reading this, but is back online.  It turns out domain registrars aren’t very forgiving when you fail to pay them for your registration.  It would’ve been back up and running a lot sooner if I’d been willing to pay the ridiculous post-expiration extortion renewal fee that Godaddy… Read More »

I’m doing science, and I’m still alive!

I’m still here, and I have a couple different entries in the works, both IRC and FFXI related. Of course, I’ve been distracted between video games (StarCraft II & Diablo III), trying to re-read The Wheel of Time, and getting caught up with everything going on in Marvel Comics since the whole Avengers vs. X-Men… Read More »