The Biggest Challenge

By | August 22, 2016

The one thing I find more difficult than winning Go is mustering up the courage to play other people online.  It’s really silly, but there’s something I find intimidating about these complete strangers.  Even when playing against some of the people I’ve met through reddit, I feel like I’m wasting their time when we play.  Therefore, I find myself playing one game and quitting for the evening, when I should be starting up another game and getting much needed practice.

My official OGS ranking is still 25kyu, with 4 wins and 12 losses.  I currently have 3 correspondence games going, which allow for a long period of time between plays.  One of these games may get 2-3 moves in an entire day.  I need to play more real-time games, but those are more difficult to do during the day when I may get called away from the computer at any time.

The lack of playing is the number one thing keeping me from improving at Go.


Also, I made a Go board!
9x9 Goban

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